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can be <br>VALUE BUNDLE

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hydrate & nourish
balance & replenish
purify & refresh
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i can be refreshed CLEANSING GEL is a gentle cleanser formulated with aloe, hemp seed oil and fruit and sugar cane extract to purify and refresh skin without stripping its protective barrier. This cleanser is full of organic plant oils and vitamins C and E to add antioxidant protection, as well as orange fruit and sugar cane to add a gentle exfoliating boost. Use daily to help even skin tone and texture and help prevent clogged pores and blackheads. Welcome to purified and refreshed skin.

6.8 fl oz e 200 ml

i can be vibrant  NIGHTTIME OIL BOOST will balance and replenish your skin with a proven blend of hemp seed and organic plant oils like cranberry, rose hip and argan to hydrate and protect; antioxidants and anti-aging properties of cranberry, pomegranate and grape seed and the oil-balancing, anti-bacterial and soothing power of Bergamot and Melissa officinalis (lemon balm). This amazing oil will rebuild your skin's acid mantle and help calm and soothe inflammation while you sleep.

1 fl oz e 30 ml

i can be radiant   DAILY MOISTURIZER starts with the moisturizing blend of hemp seed oil and organic plant oils, along with the hydrating power of aloe vera juice, sodium hyaluronate (holds 1000x's its weight in water), and glycerin. Combine that with cranberry, pomegranate and grape seed, (antioxidants) for potent protection, cell turnover champion CoQ10 and the skin brightening of vitamin C for a nourishing and intensely hydrating moisturizer.

1.7 oz e 50 ml

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